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Toowoomba Cremations is and always will be 100% Australian Family Owned & Operated. We are a small boutique firm that is driven by professional standards, affordability and family values. We have served thousands of Queensland families during their time of need. We have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to cater to the wishes and requests of all families from all walks of life. 

Our genuine compassion and confidence in our service are what make us different and its because of this confidence that we guarantee our service of care to you and your family. We will ease the burden through this difficult time ahead by organizing and facilitating the varied aspects to the Cremation Service, including everything and every special detail. We will guide and support you and your family through this very emotional and trying time regardless of whether your arrangements are of the essence of simplicity, traditional funeral rites or an elaborate Celebration of life.

Although our family is not based within the Toowoomba Region, we anticipate our time of arrival to be within 90 minutes of your call. We encourage your confidence in our family to maintain our high standards in ethical and professional care whilst your loved one is with us. All due care and respect will be given to your loved one 100% of the time, guaranteed.

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Toowoomba Cremation’s Family of Businesses…

We can help families outside of the Toowoomba Region through our Brisbane and Logan based Funeral Homes.

True Angel Family Funerals

Logan Based Funeral Home

Phone: (07) 3208 2347 – 24 Hours, 7 Days

Email: info@trueangelfamilyfunerals.com.au

Web: www.trueangelfamilyfunerals.com.au

“Honouring Lives…”


Silver Dove Funerals

Brisbane Based Funeral Home

Phone: (07) 3279 5388 – 24 Hours, 7 Days

Email: info@silverdovefunerals.com.au

Web: www.silverdovefunerals.com.au

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