Our Process

When Some One Dies

If someone passes away suddenly and unexpectedly, you are advised to call 000 immediately and request the Queensland Police and Queensland Ambulance Service to attend the address, to initiate investigations into their passing. Otherwise, if someone has passed away due to a pre-existing medical condition and was under the treatment of a doctor within three months of their passing you should:

A) Call the Palliative Care Nurse/Organisation that has been caring for the person immediately before their death and request that a Registered Nurse attends to certify their passing for the interim.

B) Call the Queensland Ambulance Service to attend the address to check for signs of life and certify the passing for the interim.

Nursing Home or Hospital

If your loved one passes away in the care of a Hospital or Aged Care Facility, they will have their own process in place to take care of your loved one and if they haven’t done so already, you should phone Toowoomba Cremations. Once you have phoned us, we will make our way to the facility to take your loved one into our care until the time of their cremation.


Transferring Your Loved One Into Our Care

The moment we are notified that your loved one is ready to be transferred into our care, we will make haste in traveling to you and your loved one. Once we arrive, we will greet you and give you the assurance that your loved one will be well taken care of. Then, we will assess where your loved one is in relation to entries and exits and begin the process of readying our equipment to transfer for them safely, respectfully and with dignity. Before your loved one is moved, we will note down any clothing, jewellery or valuables that your loved one has with them and place identification bracelets on both arms. They will be placed onto our stretcher and delicately placed into the back of our vehicle where we will then bid you farewell and begin our journey back to our care facility in Brisbane.

Making The Arrangements

For this process, you can utilize our Online Funeral Arranger. Alternatively, you can call us when you are ready, in your own time to make arrangements for us to come and see you either at your home or local café. This part of the process should take no longer than an hour to complete. It is in this time that you should present any clothing that you would like to have your loved one dressed in for the Cremation. For the Arrangements, you will need to have ready the following information, regarding your loved one:

  • Their Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Parent’s Names (Incl. Maiden Names & Most recent occupation)
  • Any and all Marriages
  • Any and all Children (Incl. their Date of Birth)
  • If they were born overseas, what year did they arrive in Australia
  • Their most recent occupation
  • Indigenous status

If you are using our Online Funeral Arranger, you are encouraged to contact us if you require any assistance or have any questions.


Before the Cremation

Before the Cremation takes place there are various aspects to lodging and receiving the correct paperwork in order for the Cremation to take place. This includes liasing with any hospitals, doctors, crematoriums, Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages and You, the family. We will endeavor to have this process to be completed in a timely fashion with ease and without complications.

It is at this time that your loved one will be dressed and or prepared in their coffin, ready for cremation. The coffin will be made from plain MDF wood and completed with four silver handles and a Silver name plaque on their coffin to ensure their identity is known throughout the entire process.

The Cremation Process

The part of our process is quite simple. We will have your loved one prepared in their coffin and all necessary paperwork lodged and confirmed ready to carry out the cremation. We will transfer your loved one to the designated crematorium at the specified day and time and have the cremation process carried out. Whilst the cremation process is taking place, the name plaque will be removed from the lid of the coffin and kept with your loved one to ensure the continuity of their identity.

Following the Cremation

After the Cremation has taken place, you can expect your loved one’s ashes to be back with us within 3 days of the cremation taking place. From here, we will decant their ashes into the urn that you have selected and return them home, safely, to you. You will receive their ashes in the selected Urn as well as the cremation certificate and name plaque from their coffin.