Very few people have the spare funds to afford Funeral Care at the drop of a hat. We have provided you a few ways in which you can pursue to obtain funds for Funeral Care. SuperannuationSuperannuation

1. Superannuation

Not many Australians realise that you can now withdraw from your superannuation to cover the costs of a loved one’s Funeral Care. This can only be done if you were primarily responsible for your loved one that has passed away. This only applies to immediate family members only. You can find out more information by visiting MySuper Care.

2. Funeral Finance Loan

Our family have sourced an institution who offer specific personal loans to cover the cost of your funeral. With interest free repayments, this option is more viable than receiving lending from a larger institution. For more information, please visit NOW Finance.

3. Centrelink Bereavement Payment

Those families or people who may be receiving a Centrelink Benefit can apply for, what is known as, a ‘Bereavement Payment’, which is made up of 4-8 weeks worth of your Centrelink Benefit. For more information, please visit Centrelink Bereavement Payments.